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a letter to my parent

dear father,

Since i study in NDUM,i dont have many time to write a letter to you.How are you father?I hope you are healty like always.How about grandparents?Are they still strong and healty?

Father,i want to tell a story about my life here.I don't expect that life here so tough for me to go through.It more bitter than my life before.I must study,but in the same time i must follow all the instruction from my superior.I must learn to manage the time,that can make me survive here.Here,i have many friend that has same suffer,joy,happiness and tears.We created a sibling life here,although we are not in same race,religion and language.We being taught how to cooperate in one team,work as one team,we learn how to survive.I learn dicipline here and when i do a wrong thing,i will be punished.

Father,now i know that this life is not easy but easier to suffer.Beside the hard life i through here,my life also fullfil with joy.I see when they have a spirit like a lion in the competition.They have many character,many ways of life,different thinking but work as one head.Can you imagine that father?

Last from me father,I will always pray for your healty and hapiness.I always miss you and family.When I get a holiday i will back to home to see all of you.Send my regards to all.Thank you father.

from your son,
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