Saturday, January 15, 2011

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the meaning behind my blog name

     I started used blog to express my opinion and idea since 2009.I dont have many entry around 2009,many of may entry i delete.At first,i dont really know how to use it and how it work.Until now i still beginner in blogger world.First thing when i created this blog,i were asked to fill the blog title.From that moment i choose "keunikan hidup" or life is unique as my blog title.

      Many stories that can give the meaning for life is unique.As we know,people have a difference stories in their life.That difference give us a unique stories.The unique stories we through,the unique life we feel.I think my life is unique,i was given a perfect family,a perfect education,a perfect relationship,perfect environment,perfect religion and perfect friendship in this world that i can't get from any another side of this world.

       Actually i dont really want to give the meaning straightly.Because everyone of us can give very unique meaning for my blog tittle.I think that all that i want to write in this entry.

p/s komen la mane2 kesilapan yek.. tq.. heehehe


mdigital said... BALAS

yup hidup ini mmg unik...kdg kala kita lansung x mengerti apa sebenarnya.....kerana kita hamba

namaku rahmat said... BALAS

btol r tokei... ble nak wat tutorial pasal comment box niy

mdigital said... BALAS separuh siap next week aku post

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