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my new year resolution

           2011 has past about 15 days ago but i think it not late to share with you guys.Actually i don't achieved many of my 2010 resolution.This year i make the new and my old that not accomplised resolution.

            Firstly,I want to increase my cgpa in this semester.Last semester my pointer was drop badly.I dont want it happen again to me.For me,learn from the past is good to make our life successful.

            Then,I want to save my money that i earned from sweat and tear.I want to make saving for future.To make my life better than now.I will not buy something that will be a waste junk.For example,always changing a phone for not the right reason.

              Third,I want to learn swimming that i never pass since last year.Swimming is good for our health,this exercise use all our body.

               Lastly,I want learn more in religious.I want to be succes in this world and next world.

               I think that all my resolution in this year to share with the readers.I want this year become more meaningful to my life.I hope this year i will have more experience that will taught me what is the life.I want be a winner not a loser.

p/s comment² la mane² part yang salah.


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