Thursday, March 10, 2011

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5 thing that make my life easier

my dear reader, now i want to share with you about the thing that most helpful in my life. in nowdays life there are many thing and gadget that help us in our daily life, such as handphone, tablet and so on. for me there are certain thing that make my life easier, and now i want list 5 of it.

firstly, the most helpful is my notebook. my notebook is like a my second girlfriend. lot of thing that i can do with it such as learning, searching, surfing, gain knowledge, to do assingment, presentation, paper work, coding, blogging, social and many more. my notebook like a my personal assistance, that always help in my study.

second is my cellphone. the use of cellphone is to connecting the people. i always use that to make a call to my family, so i can know the condition of my family. with that i can also get update of the information from my lecture and friend.

the internet and broadband also make the importance role to help my life. if i have the notebook but not the internet connection, i think it a useless.

next is my watch. with that i can know the exact time and i will be punctual.

last is my bank card. without it, i can get out my salary and saving. without the money, how do i eat?

now i looking forward to get the ipad 2, i think that gadget is very useful.


aQmam JaFFar said... BALAS

bank card is de most important thing..hehe

fyy mokhtar said... BALAS

ipad?? can i have one =='

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