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naruto a superhero

naruto. why i write that? it because naruto is my favourite superhero. naruto story is began from the mangga in japan. the 1st puslished mangga is at 1999 in shueisha then in the 43rd issue, naruto mangga was published in weekly shonen jump.

naruto is a boy that want to become a hokage, hokage is the leader in village. his childhood life is worst, he live alone and no one want to make friend with him. it all because in his body have a sealed nine-tailed demon fox, the demon creature that destroyed his village 12 years before the series start. the villager afraid to go near him, they afraid naruto will kill them. but after naruto is not give up, he try and try until he success make a lot friend when he grow up.

1st time i know about naruto is when i watch the anime in the tv3 kids when i was in secodary school. the anime series make me want to watch again and again. because i like the journey of he and his friend adventure. until i study in university, i still like to know the update of the naruto. but not like before that i always watch the anime, now i just read the mangga online. the latest update that i know he is in war, a biggest war in the naruto story. naruto also can control his demon fox power.

i think naruto is the best superhero that i ever seen. he is a nice kid with the bad memories but can grow and succes in his life, he also save many life in his mission and adventure.

p/s sory for the bad english... nie tuk esemen.. comment la kalau ade pape yang salah


Mommy Fara said... BALAS

bolehlah..janji ade inisiatif! hehehehe!

Jejaka Terhangat said... BALAS

what..naruto for assignment? why assignment related to anime? =p

btw, nice effort..=)

namaku rahmat said... BALAS

hehehe jt.. nie tok esemen bi

Kakkoii said... BALAS

kalau kakkoii, kakkoii letak doraemon...! nostalgia~

namaku rahmat said... BALAS

teletubies terbaik

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