Thursday, March 24, 2011

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shocking moment in my life

most shocking moment in my life is when get the sms from a university to attend an interview. at first i think, mybe i get the wrong sms. but after i go to internet cafe to check link that provide in the sms, i believe i get that offer. the interview will held in 3 day after the sms that i receive, that make me to thing criticaly because many document must i prepared in just 3 day. beside that, many preparation that must i do before go to interview. it make my head like a grandfather.

i never think that i will become a university student. in my head i just want to be a farmer in my village or just continue my father job. i dont want to continue the study, because i have a lazy illness. but i follow my mother word and this opportunity for me to success in my life. beside that, if i become a successful man, i want to help my family.

i think, in this time the most shocking moment in my life is the sms that i receive to tell me that my name is listed to attend the interview for university intake. 


fyy mokhtar said... BALAS

wah. tahniah. :) happy for u :)

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